I No Longer Have Love Handles

I used to always wear a tee shirt over my bathing suit when I would go to the beach or even to a pool party. I was not overweight really, but I did have some love handles that I was embarrassed about. I was maybe five or ten pounds over my ideal weight, and I just figured it was something I was going to have to live with. When I saw an ad that directed me to www.balconesdermatology.com, I admit that my curiosity got the better of me.

I went there because of an advertisement for coolsculpting, which is where fat cells are frozen, which destroys them forever. That sounded too good to be true, but this was a reputable site that I had gone to, so I knew that there had to be something to it. I looked at a few other health sites that detail this procedure, and I knew that it was the real deal after reading so many good things about it. I was actually really excited because this meant that I would finally be able to have the body that I thought I could never have.

I was happy to see that this is something that is approved by the FDA, because I know that some procedures are not. I was able to contact the dermatologist’s office for a free consultation, and I am so happy that I did. Once I got the procedure started a few weeks later, it was quick and painless. Even better, it was definitely working after just a few treatments. When I go swimming now, I don’t wear anything but my bathing suit. I have no need to cover up anything else, because I no longer have those love handles that used to make me cringe every time I would see them in the mirror!