What’s Your Sore Back Story?

If you have ever been to Arizona, you know how hard the dirt is. It is like concrete. No kidding! We do not get the rain in abundance to make that nice springy soil you could take a tumble on and be okay. This is like gravel in a dirt matrix that is baked hard under the Arizona sun. If you fall on it, you can really get busted up as bad as falling on concrete or pavement in the city. I took a tumble off of a bike when I thought I saw a rattle snake. A Phoenix chiropractor was my best friend for the next few weeks.

Now imagine me trying to stop the bicycle and steer away from the snake on the trail at the same time. I was trying to make a split-second decision to either go over it or stop suddenly. I kind of tried both at the same time and went down. Bad decision. However, at least the snake was not a rattler. I must say that I am very happy for that. If it was, it could have easily got me. I was able to get up fast as I was still thinking it was a poisonous snake close to me. I think I actually messed up my back trying to back away, get up and run all at the same time. My friends thought my acrobatics were awesome. All of them recognized that the snake was not poisonous. needless to say, I will be brushing up on being able to identify the slithery critters.

My back hurt for the rest of the ride, but it was not until later in the evening when we were all out to dinner that I was uncomfortable sitting down. Then it hurt standing up. By morning I felt like I had been bit and beat. The Phoenix chiropractor I went to enjoyed my story. It kind of stood out from the average whiplash and strained back stories one usually hears at the office.